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Leave your worries out of the bathroom. Panasonic U Series is built with 9 safety features that help to prevent electric shocks, fire & burn. The shower panel is water-splash proof to protect the internal components, while the Ag+ Crystal Material prevents the growth of bacteria for a more carefree shower experience.

Protects against fire & electrical hazards

Protects against fire & electrical hazards

To ensure the utmost safety, we developed technologies and designs that provide protection for numerous hazards such as water & heat resistance, as well as preventing fire, burn, and electric shock.

Protects against bacteria

Commonly touched areas especially shower head, one push on/off switch, filter body, power control knob are made with the Ag+ Crystal Material to protect against bacteria.

9 Safety Features

Relax & Refresh with Comfortable Shower

Low Noise Operation

The low noise DC pump gives you both a powerful water flow and low noise operation. You can feel free to take a shower late at night or after the family has gone to sleep.
*Made In Japan DC pump
Low Noise Operation

Gentle & Comfortable Water Texture

Easily switches between shower textures by moving the lever left and right with one hand. The improved shower head design creates a shower effect that feels good on the skin. Comes with 3 different water textures – ‘normal, wide, and spot’ for a spa-like shower at home.

3-way Shower Head


Mix-spray combining soft yet revitalising water texture, for a gentle and relaxing shower.
Cleanse your body with soothing droplets for a wake-up call before you take on the day.


Intense jets of fine micro-droplets to cleanse your body from lethargy. Take relaxation up a notch after a long day, to ease your body into resting mode.


Concentrated spray that mimics the feeling of a massage. The targeted spray is ideal for relaxing the muscle and tensed areas, perfect for after an intense workout or stressful day.

Modernly Sleek

Rated Power : 3.6 kW
Power Supply : 240 V , 50 Hz

Protects against fire & electrical hazards with 9 safety features

Protects against bacteria with Ag+ Crystal Material

Gentle & comfortable water texture with 3-way shower head