– Heater Electrical Rating | 3.6kW, 240Vac, 50Hz
– Minimum Water Flow Rate | 2 litre / min
– Maximum Water Pressure | 3.87kg f/cm² (55psi)
– Water Temperature Control | Electronic Control
– Water Connection | 15mm dia. (1/2″ BSP)
– Dimension | 314mm x 208mm x 82mm (H)
– Weight | 1.5kg
– Manufactured in | Malaysia : ISO 9001:2015 (Quality) & ISO 14001 (Environmental) certified factory
– Product Certification | SIRIM & Suruhanjaya Tenaga certified appliance

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Product Description
Modern, stylish, simple
– this minimalistic-designed Instant Water Heater shines beautifully in all discerning bathrooms. Equipped with a variable pulsating jet spray hand set to let you take control of your perfect shower experience.
Features including:
– Multi-Spray Hand Set | Shower Hand Set selection allows users to select preferred shower spray pattern for optimum shower sensation.
– Stepless Electronic Control | Allows users to make fine power adjustment to produce desired shower temperature.
– Splash-Proof Casing | Protection against water jet spray from all possible directions.
– Built-in RCD | Life-saving device which cuts off power supply in the event of current leakage, protecting users from getting electric shock.
– Built-in Voltage Surge Protector | Protects internal electrical circuit from electrical surges and voltage spikes, including those caused by lightning.
– Built-in Flow Sensor | Cuts off power supply in the event where water flow is less than the rated flow that might result in internal overheating.
– Double Function Thermostat | Additional manual reset function in the event of abnormal temperature rise, protecting users from the risk of scalding.
– UK Technology Heating Element | Advanced heating technology providing users with instant hot shower water flow, with a guaranteed 5 year warranty.
– Unlimited Capacity Hot Water Supply | Tankless instantaneous water heater technology provides on-demand constant supply of hot water instantly without the need of waiting.
– Triple Function Right Angle Stop Valve | Smooth 90° water flow control valve with regulator and built-in mesh filter to prevent foreign particles from flowing into the heating element, causing unwanted damages / blockages.